Possessing expertise in designing and implementing programs, marketing and brand development, our team of professionals work to create innovative strategies for existing and prospective businesses, organizations, and public figures. Whether your needs are strategic or creative we can accommodate you with our wide array of services. 

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Our mission is to provide a wide range of services to socially conscious businesses, entrepreneurs & organizations seeking to brand their image, launch a product or service, or develop an organization from the ground up. By leveraging our network, resources and skill set, we help our clients connect the dots, implement solutions and build valuable partnerships to take them to the next level! 


Integrity: We are transparent with our clients and hold all of our clients’ information, ideas and goals confidential. 


Quality: We strive for excellence by staying up to date on the latest technological advancements, attending specialized trainings and obtaining feedback from our clients and customers, which is implemented into our strategies.


Inclusiveness: We value diversity and are committed to equality.


• SLDBE & DBE certified 

• 100% Women & Minority Owned Business Entity 

• To provide efficient and seamless service to our clients. 

• To enhance the communities where we work. 

• To maintain a long-term and dedicated association with our clients




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Community Engagement




Pearnel Charles Jnr.,

Member of Parliament (Jamaica)

“I would define Mea as a woman of purpose who has contributed beyond measure. Mea has an exemplary work ethic and professional integrity. She has proven to add significant value to any project she has undertaken.”

Quan Lateef-Hill .jpg

Quan Lateef Hill

Founder of Crescent City Creative, Inc

Producer (Black Girls Rock, BET Programming, etc)

“Working with Mea was really empowering.  Just knowing that someone is out there, working on your behalf, with the same enthusiasm you have for your project, allows you to go even harder.”

Mike Michelini.PNG

Michael Michelini, CEO

American Social Media & E-commerce Specialist in China

"Mea Boykins was a consultant with us for our Cross Border Summit event in Shenzhen, China, and she was a shining star. Her experience in doing events was invaluable in getting our first annual conference off the ground. Some of her specific strengths was being an independent leader who could take the project and run with it. She was able to deal with multiple cultures and personalities all whilst remaining calm and professional to all parties invovled. Mea was a veteran at dealing with people from all parts of the world."



Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 6.01.16 PM.png
Dr. Calvin Mackie .JPG

Dr. Calvin Mackie

Founder of STEM NOLA, Forbes Columnist, International Speaker, Author & Inventor

"Mea Boykins is a tenacious, solution oriented and independent leader. During her time working with STEM NOLA, she facilitated a partnership with the New Orleans East Hospital as well as AECOM, a Fortune 500 company. Mea is committed to every task and is an ardent worker. This was on display when she organized and executed a fundraiser which engaged the community in a private screening of the Hidden FIgures film, where the granddaughter of Katherine Johnson, the genius mathematician who helped launch John Glen into space, spoke on behalf of her grandmother. Mea’s fundraising initiatives led to over 500 students being able to participate in our program."

Cleveland Spears III.JPG

Cleveland Spears 

CEO of The Spears Group

Inc Magazine’s Top 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

"I have personally worked with Mea for several years and she has been part of the success of one of our events, La Fête du Rosé. She is professional and highly experienced in her field, and has been a real asset to us. She has high standards for her work and goes above and beyond to satisfy her clients. I highly recommend Mea to others."


Joan Reventos,

Former Director of the United Nations Refugee Agency in Barcelona, Spain

"I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Mea Boykins through the Syrian Refugee Benefit Event that she organized in Barcelona where she partnered with our organization. Miss Boykins was able to raise enough funds to have shelter built for 2 families. I was duly impressed at her ability to fundraise in a country which is not her native and with a Spanish language barrier, whilst doing a full time Global Business Masters degree. Her level of professionalism as well as sincere concern to bring peace to disadvantaged populations in the world illuminate her as a true humanitarian and philanthropist. Her determination to succeed and passion to help others has inspired me and I am sure it has and will continue to inspire others." 



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